Saturday, April 19, 2008

Charlie Cloths- Nursing Covers

I decided to create a small business, making nursing covers, for two reasons. #1- I was sick of trying to keep my baby from kicking off a blanket when I was trying to nurse him in public. #2- I researched the cost of a nursing cover, and they were so expensive! The cheapest one I could find was $35!
So, I made one for myself, and thought "Why not continue to make these for other people, who don't want to pay a ton for them?"
I am going to start selling them for $20 each. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to order one! I am going to do most of my business through this blog, so if you would like to order one, please shoot me an email at , and I will communicate with you that way.


Shian said...

Hi Rachelle, will you make one for me? Clif and Camey are having a little girl. She is due in June, but due to pre-term labor, Camey is on strick bedrest. I imagine she won't wait until June. She must be too anxious to see the world. Anyway, Camey wanted a nursing cover with Spencer, so I thought I'd get her one this time. Any girly fabric would be fine. Annie can give you my phone number if you have any questions for me. I was hoping to talk to you at girls' night. We need to have another. Thanks!

Shian said...

Do you have any pastel fabrics?