Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barter Boutique

I am now up for trade! I am trading on the blog Barter Boutique! This means that if you make something that is worth the same amount as something I make, then we can swap! The girls who thought up this great idea are brilliant! I am excited to swap with other members who are going to be trading through them! If you are interested in trading, go to their blog- click on the link in my side bar with their logo!
Happy Trading!


Heartfelt Wall Hangings said...

Hi Rachelle,
I added you to my blog also I hope this will help us to network with others. I also love the barter boutique idea.

Scrappy Gifts said...

I'm throwing a big birthday party for my son's first birthday and was offering prizes for games. I love Christmas Advent Calendar.
I was wondering if you'd be able to trade for items I have on my site.

If you weren't interested in trading, would you be willing to donate any small item or a gift certificate.

Thanks so much!
scrappydiva2129 at yahoo dot com